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“You know - the four major foods groups. Candy, candy cane, candy corn and syrup.”

Buddy the Elf (from the greatest Christmas movie ever, Elf)

Sugar addiction - are you struggling with sugar? It's in EVERYTHING. 


                        Are you ready to stop dieting and still lose weight?

                        Do you have the desire to seek a natural weight with grace and ease?

                        Let's talk! Email me to set up a free 15 minute consultation to meet and discuss 

                        your needs,

THREE MONTH 1-ON-1 COACHING                                          

  • An initial one-hour Skype or phone review of health history

  • Twelve one-hour Skype or phone sessions

  • Email access between each session

  • Two 15-minute emergency calls for any special moments!

  • Extra bonus gifts and surprises to assist you along your journey

  • Email me to talk about working together and for pricing,


  • Conference 

  • Summit 

  • Live Events

  • Corporate Women’s Functions 

  • Television Show

  • Podcast

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